Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo

Founded in 2006, Louhimo is a children’s cultural centre specialising in music and circus activities, operated by the cultural services of the City of Seinäjoki. The main operating area of Louhimo includes Seinäjoki, Ilmajoki and Kurikka. Some of Louhimo’s activities are carried out across the province of Southern Ostrobothnia or as national projects also in other parts of Finland.

Louhimo’s goal is to provide children and young people with pleasant musical and cultural experiences and to leave an impression that will encourage them to pursue such activities throughout their lives. The goal is that, through Louhimo’s activities, even more children and young people will be able to create and experience culture and art. Louhimo’s activities include children’s cultural services and cultural education services. Louhimo’s activities are generally open to all users and free of charge.

Louhimo’s main target groups include

  • children
  • young people
  • families
  • schools
  • early childhood education centres

Louhimo is located in the art and cultural centre Kalevan Navetta near the centre of Seinäjoki. Most of the activities are implemented in schools and early childhood education centres, as well as at events and workshops in the operating area, in collaboration with different partners. Louhimo’s operations are financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and municipalities in Louhimo’s operating area.


Imagine Finland

Childrens Cultural Centre Louhimo will organize Imagine Finland event for the first time in March 2024. Imagine Finland event invites bands and artists consisting of young people aged 13-25 to send their own music performance to a video search. Through the application, one artist or band has the opportunity to represent Finland at the international Imagine Music Experience event in Brussels in December 2024. Louhimon’s Imagine Finland video search is open between 1 and 31 March 2024. Read more about video search on JMI & Imagine page.


Pikkuprovinssi is children’s own festival arranged by Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo with a range of activities such as music, circus, dance and theatre. Festival is organized every year in May in Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki. See up-to-date information on the Programme page.

Pikkuprovinssi includes traditional Band Event where an average of ten bands from Louhimo’s operational area perform every year. In 2017, the traditional Pikkuprovinssi Band Event grew into a full festival day for the whole family with the subsidy granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s South Ostrobothnia Fund. The festival programme was broadened from music to other arts. Free of charge, the festival invites children and families to join versatile art and cultural activities and to enjoy a relaxing day in the company of others.

Muu-Mau Days

Muu-Mau Autumn and Spring Day are organised twice a year at the art and cultural centre Kalevan Navetta. The events aimed at families with children offering art and handicraft workshops. The organisers of the event include Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo, Näppi School of Crafts and Design and Seinäjoki Art Hall. In addition to a selection of workshops, the event offers families with children the chance to explore the exhibitions on display at the Seinäjoki Art Hall free of charge. The goal of the events is to encourage children and adults to be creative together and express themselves through high-quality multidisciplinary art content. More information on Kalevan Navetta’s page.

Clubs, courses, camps and other

Louhimo organises different types of clubs, courses and camps throughout the year. Pikkuprovinssi clubs programme can include performances of primary school bands as well as dance, circus and parkour performances. Oma keikka club offers gig opportunities young bands and artists at the Kalevan Navetta. In summer time Louhimo organises camps together with its partners. For example The Muu-Mau Art Camp is a five-day multi-arts camp for children aged 7-13, organised in the beginning of June. Louhimo has also organised short film nights, photography and electronic music courses for children and young people. Louhimo also lends musical instruments and circus equipments for free to children.

Kalevan Navetta premises

The premises and offices of the Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo are located in Kalevan Navetta in Seinäjoki. The art and cultural centre Kalevan Navetta offers a versatile space for art, culture and other events in the historic Itikanmäki area in Seinäjoki. Spaces that are open to the public include the event space Hugo Hall, exhibition spaces Vintti and Halli, and the Kammio music room. The Hugo Hall is used for performances, workshops, concerts, meetings and seminars. The hall is also rented out for different types of celebrations. Kammio music room is a performance and studio space that can enable and host music and art activities. Kammio also includes Louhimo’s training studio Tarkkaamo, where recording and other studio activities can be carried out. In addition to children’s cultural activities, the space is rented out also to local art and culture associations and for meetings in an attempt to allow for versatile activities.

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Children’s Cultural Centre Louhimo
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